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Welcome to the Sure Biometrics Help Center. We have pulled some of the most frequently asked questions from our followers and compiled them all into one place. Perhaps you may have the same question that was on somebody else’s mind-here you will find what you are looking for. Should you have any other questions that we may have missed, do not hesitate to reach out.

  • How long does it take for fingerprints to come back in Illinois?
    Your fingerprints will be processed by the Illinois State Police (ISP). Processing time averages between 24-48 hours (sometimes 72 hours) after they are received by the ISP.
  • How far back does Live Scan date back to?
    Live Scan background checks are supposed to report criminal convictions dating back for 7 years, although some employers may find it necessary to conduct a more in-depth review of an individual's background.
  • How do I know if I passed my Live Scan?
    To check the status of your Live Scan, you can visit the ISP website or call the ISP Customer Service at 1-815-740-5160, Extension 2 and provide them with your 16 digit TCN #, your name and/or DOB.
  • What does a live scan fingerprint check reveal?
    A live scan will reveal all of your criminal history. Live Scan fingerprinting can even include your federal record.
  • What is the difference between Live Scan and a background check?
    Because live scans are based on fingerprints and not only on name, birth date and demographic information, they will not give false positives. This makes live scans much more accurate than your traditional background check.
  • Is fingerprint and live scan the same thing?
    Live scan is inkless electronic fingerprinting, however we still use the traditional method of fingerprinting as well. The fingerprints are electronically submitted to the ISP.
  • What documents are needed for Live Scan?
    Bring the following documents with you to your live scan fingerprinting: A current state issued photo ID ( Drivers license, State ID, Passport) Fingerprint processing fee
  • Are classes approved by the American Heart Association?
    Instructors at Sure Biometrics are approved by the AHA and instruct according to the AHA guidelines. Upon completion of your course, you will receive your AHA certification card.
  • Will I receive my certification the same day that I take my course?
    Yes. All students who complete our AHA guided BLS/CPR courses, will receive their certification card on the same day.
  • Is BLS provider the same as BLS Healthcare Provider?
    Yes. Previous AMA Certifications were called “BLS for Healthcare Providers”, while new certification cards have the words “BLS Provider” on them.
  • Will you come to our location to host a class for my staff?
    Yes. A Sure Biometrics instructor will come to host a class at your location. We simply ask for a minimum of 6 students.

Frequently Asked Questions

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